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Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door (On The Cheap)

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The door is where you start going to work or school, so it also partly affects the mind when you begin a new day. Please decorate the doors (2) with the following ways for your beloved house.

1. Select the colors, materials and textures, patterns on the door

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In modern architectural space today, the door also plays an important role in contributing to create the aesthetic beauty to the entire living space, even if it is also selected to be a highlight attraction of the house. So the selection of the colors, materials and textures, patterns on the doors also need to be carefully considered and calculated.
The doors used with brilliant and light colors are very easy to attract the attention of people around, and it also creates interesting accents for the walls which are painted with neutral colors quite tedious.

To decorate the doors to be more attractive with beautiful and rustic dry wreaths, you should choose the color of the wreath opposite to the color of the door to make the highlight for itself. Besides that you can place more convolves squeezed through the door frame to bring natural beauty to your home.

2. Make the clothes hangers or hooks

The hooks or hangers near the doors provide the greater convenience to users. On these, you can readily hang necessary items when going out like a raincoat, umbrella, hat, and scarf… to be convenient and not forget essentials. It also has the same effect when you from the outside go into the house, because you can leave the raincoat, jacket, hat, or umbrella right at the door without bringing into the house.

For the most convenience, leverage a corner near the door to install clothing hooks or hangers. Below can put a doormat to catch water flowing down from the coat and hat to be not afraid about dropping on the floor and wipe the foot before entering the house.
There are many different designs of hooks and hangers. Depending on your style, and the degree of harmony between the design of living space and the clothes needed hanging, you can choose what appropriate kinds of hangers or hooks.

3. Prepare personal bags

Personal bags are small bags containing all necessary items when you go out. Therefore, you should form the habit of putting your bags in a fixed place and the necessary personal items are always available in the bag, including pens, paper towels, glasses, lip gloss …

The handy corner for you to put the bags is probably the area near the door and take advantage of the rack, you can hang bags there. With this idea, we ensure you will never be late when arrange items to go out and never forget the essentials when going out anymore.

4. Design the area for shoes

Many families have a habit to put the shoes outside the house. This is both not dry and quickly broken for the shoes. Or they put their shoes on the floor; it is narrow and lacks of aesthetic. For this reason you should buy or manually make a shoes rack fit the entrance area and arrange neatly your shoes on it.

With these shoes racks or cabinets, letís stratify them to be able to store as more shoes as possible. The top compartment can be slippers, followed by the summer shoes, sneakers, high heels, winter shoes and the last is boots.

If the door area is not tidy with clutter, you must start going to work or school by rummaging up to find socks or shoes. It will definitely not bring you a good mood when starting a new day.

Also, you can add the racks to put the other essentials such as clothing rollers to clean clothes before going out (especially pet hair clinging to clothes) and other essential items.

5. Insert the wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelve is another idea for you to put items at a place match your reach. With the opening shelves, your room becomes more elegance and modern than traditional cabinets heavy.
With the gentle shelves, you also have more alternatives to store small items in a certain place without fear of missing such as house and car keys, wallet, house cards, elevator card, glasses or watches.

6. Combine clothing hanging and storing shoes area

Finally, there is also an option for you that you turn the door into an area to hang clothing and place shoes neatly at a corner nearby to save the space and be convenient. You can order a high cabinet with a narrow width that can be fit to put shoes combining the other items hanger which you normally use when you go out.

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