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This Door Decors Collection features clear & texture clear glass, sometimes using iridescent clear as a substitute for color. The ever changing play of light on these glass doors and the moving light spectrums created by the use of beveled glass, will make any design in this collection a treasured favorite for years to come.

The standard stain grade fir door is a solid 30″ X 80″ X 1.75″. The glass art panels are secured by doublesided glazing tape and pin-nailed wood stops. Most art glass panels are full classic lead extrusion construction.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the glass used in these designs are tempered. Beveled, highly textured and glass with bubbles will not temper. Therefore, you cannot slam these doors, bounce balls off these doors, or in any other way mistreat them. We do not double or triple glaze our doors. Breakage not caused by Door Decors must be repaired by your local glass artisan.

While the “DOOR” frames used to hold this art glass collection will be used by most owners as a door, please consider using these designs in a series as exterior windows or interior screens.

Other nice uses as doors include As “Pocket” or regular doors to dining room, pantry or to close off the bath in the master suite. The solid fir frames used to hold this art glass “Collection 99” may be painted or stained as you wish, and we at Door Decors hope you will share the photos of your installation of this art with us.

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